Thursday, 19 February 2009

FM announce new guitarist!

We have the greatest pleasure in introducing Jim Kirkpatrick to you, the new FM guitarist.

Jim Kirkpatrick 2009
Jim Kirkpatrick
Jim lives near Steve in Cheshire and they’ve worked together on numerous occasions.  On hearing of Andy’s departure Jim called Steve to ask if he could come down and try out for the gig, a rehearsal was booked and Jim blew us away with his guitar playing.  We went through oldies and threw him in the deep end with some of the new tracks we’d written which he’d obviously never heard before.  Although apparently being seriously nervous, “absolutely sh***ing myself” were Jim's actual words, we were totally impressed with his tasteful, melodic guitar playing, he stamped his mark on the old and new songs alike.  It was clearly apparent there was no need to look any further, Jim fitted the bill perfectly and he was promptly offered the job before the gear was even packed away.

To read the full story, please visit the FM Official Diary page.

Jim Kirkpatrick and Steve Overland 2009
Jim Kirkpatrick and Steve Overland