Tuesday 28 June 2011

Stage times for Lisbon Friday July 1st 2011

19.45 - Doors open

20.30 - 21.00  ALCOOLEMIA

21.20 - 22.40  FM

23.00 - 00.30  D-A-D

Tickets - www.ticketline.pt/Agenda.aspx

Box Office - Tel: 707 234 234 / 00 351 21 794 14 00

Sunday 26 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Loreley Saturday June 25th 2011

My eyes open, I see daylight peeking through the curtains. I check the time. It's 7.30am. I try to get back to sleep and doze fitfully until Adrian calls to inform me it's 10am at 9.50am. We meet in a coffee shop and leave Koblenz for Loreley. My satnav has never even heard of the place so we'll have to keep up with the others and go in convoy. After going back and forth over the same bridge a few times we're on our way. Wow, it's so...  Read more...

Saturday 25 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Graspop Friday June 24th 2011

FM live at Graspop 24 June 2011. Photo courtesy of Franky Bruyneel at Rock Report
FM live at Graspop 24 June 2011. Photo courtesy of Franky Bruyneel at Rock Report

Oh my Lord is it that time already as Richard's alarm bursts into life at 7am and just to make sure we're definitely awake a chuch bell starts clanging away in sympathy.  Surely it can't be time to get up already.  Last night's male bonding beer-drinking session doesn't seem quite such an inspired idea as it did last night...  Read more...

Friday 24 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Kerkrade Thursday June 23rd 2011 Part 2

Thursday June 23rd 2011 continued...

It's weird, we're in Holland and some members of our entourage have all of a sudden seemed to develop a real penchant for coffee.  They keep disappearing off to local coffee shops and come back really happy.  It must be really great coffee over here, I must try some but it seems to give you the munchies.  Talking of food we're up in the catering room waiting for our dinner, a Chinese buffet apparently which sounds absolutely perfect to me.  It makes a change from pizza let me tell you.  The food arrives and it's back of the net time on the Chinese front, very good nosebag, 10/10.  Two hours to showtime so I'd better start considering showertime.  Hold that thought... the Satanic Viking and myself have got an interview first.  Interview taken care of it's time to jump in the old Robin Trower.  I emerge fragrant and squeaky clean...  Read more...

Thursday 23 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Kerkrade Thursday June 23rd 2011

Thursday June 23rd 2011

The Story so far...

That pesky alarm goes off at 6.30am, here we go again then.  Tonight we're in the Netherlands, Kerkrade to be exact.  Ablutions over, the cab is booked for 7.10am, got some Euros, Sterling, phone charger, I'm ready to rock and roll.  The cab arrives on time and it's off to pick up Steve and Jim.  We hear on the radio Kew Bridge is closed, that will cause a bit of rush hour chaos and not help us getting onto the M4.  Forewarned, we take a different route and arrive at Terminal 1 right on time and meet Merv.

Adrian has called.  He, along with Jem and Richard, is delayed on the M25 but it's moving slowly.  The four of us head to Costa to await their arrival.  The guys arrive halfway through my coffee and breakfast loaf (original).  Adrian distributes our boarding cards and we go through into departures and security with no dramas.  Into Giraffe for some breakfast proper.  Scrambled eggs on toast and an Americano pour moi and very good it all is.  We check the board to see if we have a gate yet.  No is the answer.  Richard and I head off to the duty-free.  I try some Boss aftershave imaginatively titled "Man".  It must have taken months and probably huge marketing budgets to come up with that one.  Richard mistakenly (so he says) goes for some women's perfume.  So smelling like a couple of old tarts we return to the fold to find...  Read more...

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Rehearsals Wednesday June 22nd 2011

Okey dokey it's the second leg of our European jaunt.  As you can see I'm going to try to blog my way through our trip.  The only thing which may stop me sending them through is getting internet access, I'll do my best, promise.

We're rehearsing up at Kings Langley as per usual.  Steve and Jim meet at mine and we load our respective vehicles.  Oh marvellous!  It's started to lash with rain which only goes to make this overrated task even more tedious.  A last check to make sure we've not forgotten anything and it's off to FM group rock practice.  We arrive at Rhona's Rehearsals to hear Steve Church has been let down by the van hire company.  They delivered the van 2 hours late so he's running behind, poor love.  We have a band but only drums and some guitars, all the rest of the gear is...  Read  more...

Wednesday 22 June 2011

FM Stage times this week

Thursday June 23rd - Rock Temple Kerkrade
Doors open 19.30h 
FM onstage 21.00h

Friday June 24th - Graspop - Main Stage
11.30 - 12.10 FM
13.00 - 13.50 DIO'S DISCIPLES
14.40 - 15.40 FOREIGNER
16.40 - 17.40 JOURNEY
18.40 - 19.45 KORN
20.55 - 22.10 VOLBEAT
23.30 - 01.00 SCORPIONS

Saturday June 25th - Rock The Nation Loreley
FM onstage 15.40h - 16.20h followed by

Diary and Media pages updated

Our Madrid diary has been added to the Diary page and on the Media page you can listen to our chat with Paul Anthony at Download for Download FM / Rock Radio on June 10th 2011.

Friday 17 June 2011

Rock The Nation at Leipzig June 26th has been cancelled

We are sorry to advise that the Rock The Nation festival at Leipzig (rescheduled from Ferropolis) will not now be taking place.  Statement from the organisers -

"ROCK THE NATION - Festival in Leipzig findet nicht statt!
Der für den 25 & 26. Juni geplante Halt der „ROCK THE NATION - Festival Tournee“ in der Leipziger Arena wird leider nicht stattfinden. Der Temin musste aus logistischen, technischen sowie weiteren Gründen abgesagt werden.
Der Veranstalter und alle beteiligten Bands bedauern diese unvorhersehbare Entwicklung. Bereits gekaufte Tickets können bei den Vorverkaufsstellen, wo sie erworben wurden zurückgegeben werden!
Alle weiteren ROCK THE NATION Konzerte in Hannover, Esslingen, Augsburg und auf der Loreley sind von der Absage nicht betroffen und finden wir geplant statt. Für die Konzerte in Esslingen und Augsburg sind nur noch wenige Karten im Vorverkauf erhältlich."


"Rock The Nation – Festival in Leipzig will not be taking place.
The Rock The Nation festival planned for 25th and 26th June in the Leipzig Arena will unfortunately not now be taking place. The show has had to be cancelled for logistical, technical and other reasons. 

The Organisers and all scheduled bands regret this unforeseen development. All purchased tickets may be returned to the advance booking agencies from which they were purchased.

All other Rock The Nation concerts in Hannover, Esslingen, Augsburg and also Loreley are not affected by this cancellation and will take place as scheduled. There are only a few advance tickets left for Esslingen and Augsburg."

Monday 13 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Travel day Monday June 13th 2011

It's all Wasser off a duck's back...

Woke about about 8.30am and decided I'd go down and have some breakfast.  Two poached eggs (cooked to perfection) on toast and bacon, a couple of cups of coffee - €10. I wonder what JK would think...  We're meeting at midday in the lobby, dropping off the hire cars and straight to the airport to check in.  We check in using those self-service machines and I swear it takes twice as long.  We're finally good to go and it's off to get something to eat.  I've found some free wi-fi, so a quick post on Twitter so you know we're safe and sound, and check email.  It's a lovely sunny day now in Dublin.  I'm hoping it stays this good here all the rest of the week (find out why later)...   Read more...

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Belfast Sunday June 12th 2011

Sunday June 12th 2011
Woke up not exactly full of the joys of spring, probably due to being full of Budweiser the night before.  We set off about midday, it's just Richard and me travelling together.  The hire car has seen better days, that's for sure, and has an annoying tendency for a "fasten seatbelts" warning to flash on a screen and beep continually even with all the seatbelts fastened.  We arrive at the venue about 2pm, it's another huge arena.  We head into catering and time for some more soup.  I'm not sure what it is but it's another winner, lots of coriander, yummy.  Journey and Foreigner's soundchecks are...  Read more...

Sunday 12 June 2011

FM Tour Diary: Pete's Europe Tour Blog - Dublin O2 Arena - 11 June 2011

Saturday June 11th 2011
Woke up about 8.30am, didn't sleep that well, kept waking up during the night, but feel refreshed.  As we're flying Ryanair again luggage is kept to a minimum to avoid surcharges.  I thought I wasn't bringing any hand luggage until, on leaving the minibus last night Steve asked "Whose is this?" holding up my carry-on case.  Marvellous!  I'm flying with a case containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and a roll-on deodorant.  Now that's what I call travelling light.  I get a call from Adrian, breakfast's included.  Rich and I head down, it's a decent buffet-style affair, splendid.  We walk across the road to the airport terminal.  If you're ever looking for a hotel close to Liverpool Airport, then Hampton by Hilton is the one.  We go straight to security.  Mr Overland goes through and then forgets to pick up his bag containing...  Read more...

Saturday 11 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Download Friday June 10th 2011

Friday June 10th 2011
Woke up at about 8am which was a bit annoying to be honest, and dozed fitfully, serenaded by Richard's gentle snores till about 9.30am.  I got up and decided to start the day in a health-conscious manner.  Unfortunately this thought quickly disappeared when I remembered spotting a McDonalds on our arrival last night.  Sausage & Egg McMuffin meal it is then for breakfast.  We leave the hotel at midday.  I'm travelling with Richard and Jo, Jem's keyboard tech.  We've got to do a quick detour into Peterborough to pick up a lead.  No, not one to tether JK when he's off on one - an electrical lead.  Then again if we spot a pet shop a...  Read more...

Friday 10 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Sweden Rock Thursday June 9th 2011

Thursday June 9th 2011  
3am the alarm goes off, ah lovely, 2 hours sleep tops.  Into the shower to try to feel at least slightly human before our biggest ever show in Sweden.  The cab arrives on time at 4am and it's off to meet Steve and Jim before heading to LHR Terminal 5 for our 4.40am meet.  Everyone has arrived on time and remembered their passports, splendid.  Through security, quick breakfast and onto the BA flight which leaves nicely on time.  We're flying into Copenhagen as it's the nearest airport to the Sweden Rock site.  All the luggage arrives, we're good to go.  As we come into the arrivals lounge we're met by two fans who have...  Read more...

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Rehearsals Wednesday June 8th 2011

Wednesday June 8th 
Rehearsal day.  I spend the morning trying to fathom what to pack in which bag.  I need hand luggage for Sweden and a bag for the rest of the shows which goes in the truck which will meet us on our return from Sweden.  Steve gets to mine about 1.30pm and we load up the vehicles in the rain and head off to Kings Langley.  We set up at our usual snail's pace, Jem arrives directly from Gatwick after his holiday in ...  Read more...

Thursday 9 June 2011

FM on Steve Price show Saturday 11 June 6pm-9pm

We'll be chatting with Steve Price on his ARfm show just after our set in Dublin with Journey and Foreigner on Saturday.  Tune in 6pm - 9pm.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

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Upcoming stage times...

Sweden Rock tomorrow June 9th - FM on Zeppelin Stage at 16.00h.

Download on Friday June 10th - FM on Pepsi Max Stage at 18.50h.

Graspop June 24th - FM on Main Stage at 11.30h (set your alarm clocks!)

Tuesday 7 June 2011

FM stage times for Dublin & Belfast this weekend


Saturday 11 June 2011 - Dublin O2 Arena
Doors Open - 18.30h
FM on stage - 19.20h

Sunday 12 June 2011 - Belfast Odyssey Arena
Doors Open - 18.30h
FM on stage - 19.05h