Saturday 8 March 2008

March 2008 news update

Hi everyone,

March already... Pete celebrated his birthday on the 1st along with Dawn our lovely webmistress who shares the same birthday (albeit a good few years later). We’re writing away and are preparing to go into rehearsals later this month to routine the songs. We thought it would be good to throw a few song titles at you and we’ll see how many make the final album.  We’ve got "Hello Tomorrow Goodbye Yesterday", "Runaway Train", "Over You", "Living for the Weekend".

It seems from the general consensus on the forum that finally releasing a studio version of “Dangerous" wouldn’t be the worst idea we’ve ever had so we’ll be dusting off the chord sheets to that at a rehearsal very soon.

We were asked by the DVD guys what music we were having over the credits at the end and in true FM style we replied "Haven’t got a clue, we’ll have a think". True to our word we had a think and decided we’d try and write and record a new song to end the DVD and that’s what we’re attempting. If we feel it’s suitable it will go on, nothing like a challenge eh?

We should finally get the shop open later this month. We’ve managed to procure a limited supply of "Vintage and Rare", so they’ll be up for sale along with other back catalogue items.

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Okay people that’s you up to date with what’s going on in the FM camp, 'til the next time…