Friday 1 February 2008

Jan/Feb 2008 news update

Hi everyone,

Sorry things have gone a bit quiet the past couple of months, but to be honest we've been working our butts off clearing the decks of other commitments so we can concentrate on writing and recording the new FM album.

We've noticed that a few people have been having a dig at Steve for recording a new Shadowman album so let's put that one to bed and set the record straight right away. Steve was contracted to write and record it before we had commited to do Firefest. In fact, because of Firefest rehearsals etc. the last few songs weren't even written and the project was shelved until after the gig as Steve was putting all his energy into the FM show. Be assured he is as commited as any other member of the band. As we said all along, Firefest was meant to be a one-off but because of the fantastic response plus the fact that we had such an amazing time we decided to carry on. So that's what we've been doing, tying up all the loose ends so we can give the new FM album the attention it deserves. We've been demoing songs at home and are due to go into rehearsals next month to thrash the new songs out. We have been in negotiations with a DVD company to film the making of the album so be prepared for all the highs and lows (hopefully not too many lows) as we embark on our seventh studio album.

Speaking of DVDs, the Firefest live DVD is coming along nicely although a bit slower than at first anticipated. Because of the loss of power at the show there have been a few unexpected technical hitches encountered but Berny and the folk at Transistor Pictures have been overcoming all the obstacles so far. We're hoping to put a taster from the DVD up on the site soon, we'll keep you posted.

We are delighted about the launch of our new forum and look forward to hearing from you. So a belated "Happy 2008" to you all, and once again apologies for the lull in proceedings but be assured we're raring to go.