Sunday 28 September 2008

Steve & Pete on 106.1 Rock Radio 30/09/08

Steve and Pete will be joining their old friend Paul Anthony on his show for a chat at 106.1 Rock Radio

The show is going out this Tuesday September 30th shortly after 8.00pm. Tune in at 106.1 FM in the Greater Manchester area or on the web at

Don’t miss it!

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Dispatch of DVDs

As posted on the forum, all the DVDs arrived on Monday and all orders up to yesterday, Tuesday 23rd September, have been sent out.  We will continue from now on to process and dispatch future orders on a daily basis.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Friday 19 September 2008

Back In The Saddle DVD Update

We’ve been trying to get more info on the DVD delivery and finally received the parcel tracking codes this morning, logged in but got no useful delivery info.  We contacted Berny (the video editor for the DVD who along with The Firefest guys is organizing the manufacturing) in Austria who sent this:

"Dachser's online tracking system does not work at the moment (they're doing some maintenance work), so I called the customer service centre.  The only information I got was that 'the parcel hasn't been delivered yet'.  So I suppose it arrived in the UK today, but I cannot tell you when it will be delivered.  Sorry, this is really getting on my nerves... Berny"

So that's where we are folks, we are really p***ed off this has happened (along with all of you we’re sure) and especially Pete who hasn't left his home since Tuesday in case they're delivered while he's out (Ealing's Starbucks Coffee Shops are fearing financial ruin because of this).  Joking aside, once again can we assure you all your orders will go out as soon as the DVDs arrive.  We'll let you know more info as and when we get it.

Thursday 18 September 2008

DVD Release - An Apology

Hi everyone,

We tried to get this on the site last night but it seems we have a rarity, a webmistress with a life.  Dawn was out partying the night away and on her return quite possibly in no fit state to turn on her computer let alone up load the following:-

As you all know "Back in the Saddle" was officially released yesterday; unfortunately the FM bad luck (excuse the pun) has struck.  You may or may not know there was a fire in the Channel Tunnel the other week and despite it being re-opened normal service is yet to be fully resumed, thus resulting in a huge backlog of freight.  The DVD was manufactured in Eastern Europe and therefore has to travel through the Tunnel or by ferry.  Because of the Tunnel fire the ferries are also very busy.  The long and short of it?  The DVD shipment is delayed and unfortunately hasn't arrived as scheduled.

People who have bought from us in the past will testify that we do, and always will endeavour to get merchandise posted out within 3 days, but normally same day, of receiving the order.  We know the DVDs are printed, pressed and in a truck en route to London.  The reason the news of this delay has gone up so late on the site is that we have been trying to find out the whereabouts of the DVDs so we can give you an informed idea of when they are due to arrive.

We can only apologise for this delay but this is out of our control, all the envelopes are addressed and ready to go.  Please be assured the DVDs will go out the same day the shipment arrives.  We will let you know via the website when they arrive and when your orders have been posted.  Once again please accept our deepest and sincerest apologies.

Tuesday 9 September 2008

FM on ARfm Sunday September 14th 2008

Don't forget to tune into the Steve Price show on ARfm 18:00h- 21:00h this Sunday, September 14th.

Steve and Pete are live in the studio having a chat with Steve Price and playing some tracks from the new live DVD.