Tuesday 24 July 2012

Q&A session with Pete Jupp

It's Pete's turn for a grilling in our next Q&A session so get your thinking caps on!  Email your questions for Pete to qanda [at] fmofficial [dot] com by midnight on Sunday 5th August.  Please enter "FM - Q&A with Pete Jupp" in the email subject line.

Pete's replies will be posted to his Q&A page soon after the closing date.

Thursday 19 July 2012

FM Official gets a Makeover

We've been very busy little bees and through the magic of t'interweb our website has had a bit of a makeover.  The main pages have kept the same URLs so you shouldn't have to change any bookmarks you may have stored for those pages, although you may have to refresh your browser to see the updated pages. We have however streamlined some of the navigation to sub-pages and sections.  We trust you will find the updates make our site even more accessible.

Some of the main changes are -

  • Gigography and Indiscreet 25 Live pages are now located under 'Live'.  Our Live page is where you will find details of any shows we have coming up.  Our Gigography lists all our shows from 2007 to date with links to the relevant Diary pages.  The Indiscreet 25 Live section houses the Rogues' Gallery (rare photos from the FM archives);  Guestbook (share your Indiscreet memories);  Competitions page (your chance to win some quite special prizes) and Class of '86 section (your chance to be immortalised on the FM site!).
  • FM Discography and Lyrics are now housed within our Media pages.  FM music and video players are located on the main Media page.  Alongside our Discography, other sub-pages include audio interviews, magazine articles / reviews and downloads of guitar tabs and mobile apps.  The Wallpapers section includes two brand new wallpapers you may download for your desktop.
  • Question & Answer sessions with FM band members can now be found under 'About' in the menu.
  • The FM Chatroom is now accessed through the Forums menu.
  • Upgrading our Photo Gallery page will be a mammoth undertaking.  We didn't want this to delay getting our new website uploaded for you so we hope you will forgive us if it takes a little bit longer for the Gallery page to be fully upgraded and operational.
  • Lightboxes have been added to various pages such as some of our diaries and the webshop, enabling you to more easily view larger versions of images no matter which browser you are using.
  • Videos on our Home page and those located on other pages such as some of our Diaries have been upgraded.  Again you should be able to now view these from any of the major browsers and mobiles / iPads / iPhones etc.  We will continue to roll-out these upgrades across the site to incorporate other features such as the music and video players on our Media page.

If it's been a while since you last visited our site we cordially invite you to spend a little time checking out all the features.  We would especially love you to participate in the Class of '86!