Wednesday 25 June 2008

Forum Spammer Identified

We have caught the person who has been stealing peoples identities and spamming the forum.

Please see our recent forum post dated 25/06/08 for details.

Wednesday 11 June 2008

FM Top the Online Chart at Rock Radio!

From the pen of Pete Jupp...

Hi everybody,
I was about to start checking my emails on Monday morning and decided to have a listen to Rock Radio on the web. I was having a look around their site when I clicked on the online chart link and the following appeared:

FM top the rock Radio chart
FM top the Rock Radio chart

A big thanks to all the Rock Radio listeners who voted for us.  I’m not sure how it works and I think it’s an ever-changing chart but what the hell, we were Top of the Pops on Monday morning and it made an ageing FM drummer smile.

Love, light and peace.


FM June 2008 News

Hi there people, it’s June already!  Where does the time go?  Firstly the shop seems to be working very well and we’d like to thank everyone who has stopped by and purchased something, we really appreciate your support of the band.  We’ll be putting up more stuff over the coming months so keep checking back.  We’ve been chatting about getting some FM T-Shirts made and after the Firefest shirt cock-up (see Pete's Firefest diary) we’re looking for a new shirt company as we speak.  If anyone has any ideas about what kind of design we should go for get on the forum and get discussing people.  We do enjoy reading all your comments so keep 'em coming.  We’ve even noted a couple of your ideas for possible future ventures, but that’s as much as we’re letting on.

The songs are coming thick and fast.  We’ve finished writing 4 more - "Who’ll Stop the Rain" pure AOR, "Drop the Bomb" a groovy rocker, "Forever and a Day" balladicious and "The Fight Goes On" an anthem of gigantic proportions.  There are more ideas that just need finishing so although we say it ourselves the writing is going really well and we’re having a blast doing it.

Guess what… you’ll never believe it… it can’t possibly be true… Yes the Firefest DVD is nearly finished!  Look out for an advert and clips on this site very soon.

A big shout goes out to all the good people at Rock Radio 106.1 especially our old pal Paul Anthony who has championed the band for years.  We are being played regularly to such an extent people are asking "Who’s this new band FM?"  Tune in and listen in the Greater Manchester area on 106.1 or on the interweb at

Also a big up goes out to our good friend Steve Price at ARfm who did a lengthy interview with Steve for his new album "Breakaway" (signed copies available now in the webshop at a very reasonable £9.50).  Of course chat soon turned to FM and poor Steve was grilled for about an hour.  More big ups go to young Malcolm Dome and Darryl Kirby at Total Rock for shamelessly plugging our online shop the day before it opened, respect guys!

That’s it folks, look out for the DVD ad over the next few weeks.