Thursday 22 July 2021

It's Fantasy Football time again!

It's time for Premier League Fantasy Football!  The new season starts on Friday 13 August and the FM leagues are back up and running.

It's free to play and easy to register. To sign up / login head to

The link to join the 'FM Premier League' is If you were part of the 'FM Premier League' last season you will automatically be re-entered for the new season once you have logged in and selected your squad.

There is also the FM 'Face to Face' league in which your team is pitted against other teams in the 'FM Premier League' every week. To join this head-to-head league click this link - You will need to do this even if you took part in the 'Face to Face' league last season - you are not automatically entered for the new season. 

Good luck all!

Stage times for Pentrich Rock and Blues Custom Show

Here are the stage times for Pentrich Rock and Blues Custom Show next week.

See you there if you're coming along!

FM headline Pentrich Rock and Blues Custom Show - July 2021 - stage times