Friday, 12 February 2010

Your Own 'ROADHOUSE DIARY' On The FM Diary Page...

Would you like to contribute your own Roadhouse Diary, to feature on the website alongside diaries from FM band members and crew?

Tell everyone your memories of the Metropolis album launch party on Sunday 7th February 2010. Review the gig. Share your opinions on the new Metropolis album tracks. Namecheck new friends you made on the day.

Your diary should be up to 750 words maximum, and it would be great to include a picture of yourself if you would like to send in a photo.

Please submit your diary and photo by email to - info [at] fmofficial [dot] com - by Friday 26th February 2010. Our 2 favourite diaries will be included on the Diary page at soon after that date.

Have fun getting creative and good luck!