Monday 5 November 2007

We're back! Website Launch

Hi people,

As you are probably aware this is our first official site on the interweb, and being totally upfront with you it's turned out to be far more daunting a task than we ever expected. We thought a launch date of November 5th 2007 would be a good idea so we could have a Firefest page but what you must realise is that being of certain years, new technology has left us way behind. Using mobile phones and text messaging we've almost mastered (apart from Steve). Emailing is a bit hit and miss but getting there. Attaching a file or a photo to an email and it arriving to the recipient, forget it, that's some powerful voodoo magic we don't understand. Steve has had a broadband connection at his house for well over a month. "Well done Steve!" we hear you say... he hasn't got a computer! Are you beginning to understand? Let's put it another way... Dawn, who got the dubious honour of constructing the site, had no content whatsoever from us until the Friday morning, three days before the launch. She has worked tirelessly to get what you are seeing now up and working by November 5th. Some may disagree but we feel we are fairly intelligent people, but for some unknown reason we honestly thought websites just appeared by waving some kind of cyberspace interweb magic wand. We didn't realise the immense hard work that goes into just building sites, let alone updating and maintaining them. Our heartfelt gratitude and respect goes out to all those who built related sites and kept the FM flag flying during our sabbatical. What we are trying to say in this clumsy round-about manner is please bear with us, this site is going to grow. There are lots of ideas, we'd let you know them now but we have to make sure we can pull them off before we go public. Some may take a little longer to come to fruition. Come back and visit often, leave comments, ideas etc. but most of all we hope you'll enjoy the site for years to come.

We will have a message board up and running soon. Apparently they can be prone to spam and other processed canned meat products, and we don't want that do we? So a vegetarian message board will appear very soon.

Special thanks once again to Dave Ling who got a call from Pete the Wednesday before the launch -

"Dave we need a biog for the website. Will you do one for us please?"
"Yeah, no problem, when do you need it?"
"This Friday latest."
"But I've got deadlines this week for Classic Rock. I'm snowed under."
"Pleeeeeeeease Dave."
"I'll try and have it to you by Saturday morning."
"Thanks. You're a star."

The biog arrived Friday evening. What a top, top man.

Thanks also to Anthony (million ideas a second) Critchley and Craig (The Trooper) Lawton for help and input. Last but definitely not least the amazing Dawn Foley and Darryl Kirby, we are indebted to you for your expertise and above all your patience in educating and dragging five Luddite musicians into 2007. Saying thank you doesn't come close but a big thanks anyway.

Watch this space!

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