Tuesday 13 March 2012

Pete's Indiscreet 25Live Blog - Manchester 9th March 2012

Woke up about 8am, tried to get back to sleep, couldn't, balls. Sharing with Richard, our sound man. Rich is also driving us, he'd had a long day and I didn't want to disturb him by getting up so I lay there and probably dozed a bit but not so I noticed. Rich woke about 10.30am, we got ready and went in search of caffeine-filled beverages. We got on the road to Manchester about 12.30pm. An easy drive into the City of Manchester. 

The crew are here, the gear is going in. Wow, what a fine venue. It's a sell-out, I'm thinking tonight could be rather special. Soundcheck goes without a hitch, all sounding good. The Deborah Bonham Band is going to join us and Romeo's Daughter this evening and we also have a very special guest joining us tonight...  Read more...

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