Monday 27 May 2024

Sweden Announcement

We are gutted to announce that due to circumstances way beyond our control we regret that our shows in Sweden for our 40th Anniversary Tour have been cancelled.

News has circulated that the promoter has been declared bankrupt and therefore unable to host the concerts at the booked venues due to lack of funds. No hotel or travel arrangements have been made and neither ourselves nor Vega have been paid. There is also a lack of communication from the promoter so it leaves us in the difficult position of having to cancel our shows.
We are aware that Jorn and Pendragon also had to cancel their tours last week due to similar issues with the same promoter.
We are aware that fans have paid for tickets, hotels and travel arrangements. We know that people are flying in from other countries to see us and will be out of pocket.
Unfortunately, without a promoter to host the concerts and to pay for the venue and the bands, we can’t make the shows happen.
On the back of these Swedish shows we booked a further three shows in Germany the following week. Due to this situation it has made these shows very challenging for us to do financially and also with the travel distances involved. However, we respect our fans and will be continuing with them as planned and look forward to playing in Hamburg, Dessau and Mannheim.
Unfortunately there are no winners in this situation and we would like to stress once again that we are not at fault here and have done everything in our power to try and make these shows happen. Sadly it is not to be.
The only advice we can give is to contact your point of sale for a ticket refund.
We are trying to arrange to return to Sweden with a new promoter as soon as possible and will keep you updated.
Thank you for your understanding.
Steve, Merv, Pete, Jem and Jim.

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