Friday 26 March 2010

Mr O and Juppy interview with Steve Price on ARfm

Via Steve Price at ARfm - Tomorrow's show with luck (and we may need it as the studio will be without Electricity all day) my guests will FM. Yes, the two maddest people to interview, Pete Jupp and Steve Overland. For once this is not a live interview but one conducted as they were going through airport security and boarding a plane ...and I am not joking. Nothing like a bit of planning is there? Trust me this is nothing like a bit of planning!

Hear Steve & Pete talking about Metropolis, hear their passports being scanned, their boarding cards checked, finding their seat..... oh, and the odd comment from the cabin crew!

Hopefully EDF Energy will have us reconnected in time.... if not we'll be live as soon as they do.

Listen 6pm - 9pm on Saturday 27 March at

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