Monday 23 February 2015

FM - "Digging Up The Dirt" video premiere

The video for "Digging Up The Dirt" from our new album HEROES AND VILLAINS will be posted on Tuesday 24 February at 13.00h.
If you can't wait that long Classic Rock Magazine will be exclusively previewing the new video from 09.00h.

FM "Digging Up The Dirt" video from new album HEROES and VILLAINS


UPDATE 24 February 2015 - 13.00h

Here it is... "Digging Up The Dirt". Enjoy!


  1. Nice job FM !
    Song is terrific and video fits very well with its hot stuff and chicks :)
    ..Now what about MTV broadcasting ?

  2. What can I say guys Top song...Top totty! Please keep up the excellent work and I can't wait for "Heroes and Villains" to pop through my letter box!