Friday 22 February 2019

*** FM equipment stolen today in Barcelona ***


Unfortunately this afternoon at 4pm our bus was broken into and with the exception of Steve Overland’s two Fender Stratocasters all of our equipment, luggage and passports were  stolen.

The main two items that are irreplaceable are Merv’s 5-string Gibson Les Paul bass which is totally unique and Jim’s EVH Wolfgang.

Along with this we lost our merch, Roland sequencer, two MacBooks and an iPad.

If our friends in Barcelona could please share this post in the hope that they might be recovered.

Thank you to our promoter Robert Mills and to the boys in Dare who have helped us with equipment to ensure that tonight’s show goes ahead.

FM: Unique Gibson Les Paul 5-string bass stolen in Barcelona 22 Feb 2019

FM: EVH Wolfgang guitar stolen in Barcelona 22 Feb 2019


  1. Absolutely disgusting that this should happen to such a great band who have given so much pleasure to so many people over the years with their fantastic music,let's hope that they can get their gear back,all out live Paul and Chris Smith

  2. Wishing a speedy recovery and a successful prosecution... Rock On best you can boys... Jill and Dave Stoke

  3. Let's hope the culprits are brought to justice and your equipment and belongings are returned safely.

  4. I’m really sorry to hear this, it is such a horrible thing to happen and I hope all of the items are recovered quickly and the culprits dealt with x