Friday 20 March 2020

New release date for FM album SYNCHRONIZED

Due to circumstances beyond our control regarding shipping of our new album we are sorry to advise that the release date for SYNCHRONIZED has been put back to 22 May 2020.

The new closing date for pre-orders is Tuesday 12 May 2020 and pre-orders will be dispatched shortly before release date.

Pre-order for signed CDs is available at

Regular CD/LP/Digital pre-order is available at 

Thank you for your understanding.

Steve, Merv, Pete, Jem and Jim

Statement from Frontiers Music Srl can be found here.


  1. Bad news:(
    Looking forward..

  2. ..just ordered the album but really disagree with Frontiers postponing statement !

  3. We can understand your disappointment however as Frontiers' say in their statement it was a choice they were forced to make. The current pandemic is affecting all walks of life including shipping, warehousing etc.