Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Download Friday June 10th 2011

Friday June 10th 2011
Woke up at about 8am which was a bit annoying to be honest, and dozed fitfully, serenaded by Richard's gentle snores till about 9.30am.  I got up and decided to start the day in a health-conscious manner.  Unfortunately this thought quickly disappeared when I remembered spotting a McDonalds on our arrival last night.  Sausage & Egg McMuffin meal it is then for breakfast.  We leave the hotel at midday.  I'm travelling with Richard and Jo, Jem's keyboard tech.  We've got to do a quick detour into Peterborough to pick up a lead.  No, not one to tether JK when he's off on one - an electrical lead.  Then again if we spot a pet shop a...  Read more...