Thursday 23 June 2011

Pete's Euro Tour Blog - Kerkrade Thursday June 23rd 2011

Thursday June 23rd 2011

The Story so far...

That pesky alarm goes off at 6.30am, here we go again then.  Tonight we're in the Netherlands, Kerkrade to be exact.  Ablutions over, the cab is booked for 7.10am, got some Euros, Sterling, phone charger, I'm ready to rock and roll.  The cab arrives on time and it's off to pick up Steve and Jim.  We hear on the radio Kew Bridge is closed, that will cause a bit of rush hour chaos and not help us getting onto the M4.  Forewarned, we take a different route and arrive at Terminal 1 right on time and meet Merv.

Adrian has called.  He, along with Jem and Richard, is delayed on the M25 but it's moving slowly.  The four of us head to Costa to await their arrival.  The guys arrive halfway through my coffee and breakfast loaf (original).  Adrian distributes our boarding cards and we go through into departures and security with no dramas.  Into Giraffe for some breakfast proper.  Scrambled eggs on toast and an Americano pour moi and very good it all is.  We check the board to see if we have a gate yet.  No is the answer.  Richard and I head off to the duty-free.  I try some Boss aftershave imaginatively titled "Man".  It must have taken months and probably huge marketing budgets to come up with that one.  Richard mistakenly (so he says) goes for some women's perfume.  So smelling like a couple of old tarts we return to the fold to find...  Read more...

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